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Why do you Hire an Architect ?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

We all dream of building the most beautiful house but when we actually get into the process of building a house, most amongst us are often plagued with the below mentioned valid questions

  • Should I hire an architect in the first place?

  • Whether I should speak with a contractor or an Architect first?

  • Is it really worth to hire an architect in the first place or whether I should try building the house on my own?

  • Would hiring an architect turn out to be expensive thus escalating my budget?

Though all the above questions are genuine, the truth is building a house is a very complex and time consuming affair.

Who is an Architect?

A professional trained person with a valid license to work on the plans and designs of a building is an Architect. An Architect’s role involves creating functional space, conceptualize and realize the designs through smooth execution of the entire process.

Irrespective of whether you plan to remodel your existing house or build a totally new house, the ideal thing to do would be to hire the services of a professional architect due to the following multitude of benefits they offer.

In depth understanding of your needs and providing vision:

An experienced architect would explore the different possibilities by studying the present lifestyle of the house owner and would finally draw a construction plan by taking into consideration the owner’s likes and dislikes and by suggesting the needed structural changes. Having a clear vision, plan, and understanding of what the finished product of your home will look like will ensure a smoother building process as well and higher satisfaction once your new custom home is complete.

why hire an architect

Best overall design:

A good architect who knows his job well can provide both interesting and a better creative work. He also has very good relation with project on site, is ready with one of its kind functional floor plan.

creative design

Architects help to avoid Design errors:

Architects with their design expertise are best equipped to handle design errors. So it is best to allow them to handle the design process as that is the area where they are trained. During the course of their study, architects are trained to solve or handle problems and is in fact one of the areas of their expertise.

avoid errors with architects

Cost effective:

Detailed and accurate drawings when prepared help to reduce cost significantly due to reduction of design mistakes. Usage of modern technologies enables designers to have better control in different areas of building, designing and presentation of architectural projects in 3D thus making drawing charges a lot less expensive and also in the precise estimation of the project cost.

architects save your money

A well drafted design is a profitable investment in the long run:

An accurately drafted design adds greater value to a building. Also properly designed homes tend to have greater resale value in the long run thus fetching good prices.

Advantage of choosing the right material and finishes:

The in depth knowledge of an Architect about varied materials in the market enables them to suggest the best and appropriate materials that is apt for your project depending on the budget limit, proportion and functionality of the area/space.

Building of energy efficient houses:

A good licensed Architect would always follow the orientation, building, location, layout thus optimizing the amount of natural light as well as heating from the sun thus saving your electricity bills.

Architects save your energy consumption

Perfect Coordination amongst different services:

A very important aspect in construction and design process is usually coordination from other services such as interior designs and MEP services and the appointment of an architect aids to bring about perfect coordination amongst varied agencies.

Efficiency :

Because architects are professionals in the field of design and construction, the time it takes for a home to be built is much faster when they are involved. Instead of trying to make decisions alone, having experienced professionals alongside you will ensure that your home is completed on time and budget.

Life made easier:

Building a house is a cumbersome process and delegating the entire design process to an Architects helps to save a lot of time and energy by providing us with peace of mind and at the same time ensuring that the building and entire design process is handled properly and smoothly.

Architects make process stress free

An article by Vaishali Kawalkar

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